Hard Rock Abs at the Hard Rock Cafe

The side dishes are all home made. For us fast weight loss, low glycemic followers they offer steamed carrots, green beans and onions dish, cucumbers and oil salad, green and Caesar salads. Now they also have other not so perfect (makes you fat and ruins your sexy swimsuit look) for fast weight loss side dishes like whole mashed potatoes, rice and beans and coleslaw with sugar.

My favorite meal is five grilled chicken legs with a side of steamed carrots and the green bean dish. It is so spicy, moist and satisfying. I have it almost every day. Sometimes I will have a salad or some cucumbers just to mix it up. But there is nothing more satisfying than a hot meal when you are hungry.

I know what you are thinking, that must be expensive every day. Well, before I found this fat blasting savior chef, I was eating at a sandwich joint spending about $9.00 American. The hot low glycemic, fat losing Victoria Quick Start meal [http://www.quickstartenergyprogram.com/] is $4.50 American. HALF the amount I was paying and more satisfying, I get to drink all the water with lemon I want. Lemon aids digestion and helps your body metabolize fat.

On days when I have a hearty appetite, I get a couple of legs to go and eat them for my afternoon snack. They cost me 50 cents each! And then being the forward thinker that I am, I get a cup to go and put big juicy lemon slices in it and pack it with ice and continue to fill it with water all afternoon so I can keep the fat metabolizing and flushing going.

Wait it gets better, right next to the rotisserie is a mom and pop breakfast place who makes egg substitute omelets with three ingredients, mushrooms, green peppers and tomatoes with low fat mozzarella for $5.00. They are HUGE!

I get them and put them into three servings and put them in the cold box (fridge) and heat them up for my low glycemic fat blasting breakfast.

This is definitely heaven here on earth. My clients think I am a genius when I introduce them to them these great tasting and satisfying weight loss foods.

The first few weeks I found these heavenly treasures, I lost weight so quick, my cheeks started to sink. I had to add some fat back into my diet and eat some more grains so that I would stop the fast losing. How awesome is that??

Don’t fret, you probably have one somewhere close to where you live or work. I am told that most cities in developed countries have similar restaurants or concepts in them. You just have to get on the internet and search them out.

But wait, not everyone does it my way. The restaurant also severs home made Jamaican and some western friendly soups.

This very LARGE American woman comes in and orders a bowl of soup and a side of fresh baked bread. She sat with her soup and ate an entire mini loaf of white pasty fat building, thigh enlarging and tundra tummy building bread!

I desperately wanted to wrestle her to the floor and take it from her, but she was bigger than me and she would have won. Plus I didn’t want to embarrass my business manager who was with me.

Do you know that she could have eaten an entire roasted chicken and a giant bowl of green beans and turned up her metabolism because of the way the glycemic effect of the foods affect your metabolic output. She would start losing weight almost immediately if she would have traded her lunch for my lunch.

You can do the same, you can trade your lunch for my lunch and you will begin to lose fat right away and then you can just fine-tune your sexy body.

Will it be easy? NO! but the formula is simple once you understand it. You will have to begin by reprogramming your mind and focusing on your desired goal. You may even want to get out a bikini or a picture of HOW you want to look and put it someplace you can see it EVERY DAY! Your mind sees in pictures and you want to keep the motivation going in your mind. Your thoughts are either your enemy or your motivator.

What You Think About Comes About

If you think success, move like a successful person and fuel your body for success, guess what happens? You become successful. That’s right, you become and gravitate towards what you think about all day long. Keep your photos up and remind yourself of your desire and how sweet the outcome will be.

Thinking, seeing and speaking success is vital if you want to reach your goad, any goal. Emotionally, physically and spiritually your thoughts, ideals and ideas must line up synergistically. Synergy is the key to any program being successful.

I know how it feels to be extremely overweight and invisible. I know what it is like to live in poverty and feel like everyone is richer than you.

But what I have grown to KNOW is that with the right thinking and the right action and consistency and persistence, reaching your goals, looking and living the way you want is totally possible. I personally and professionally know that your thoughts control your world. The day you change what you think about is the day you will change what you see. With faith and persistence, you will BE what you See!

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